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Hiking tips in East Tyrol

We present you some beautiful hiking highlights in East Tyrol

Themed path Zedlacher Paradies

Plan your route The Zedlacher Paradies theme trail leads through an enchanting larch forest. The oldest larches have an admirable age of 500 years and an enormous trunk circumference of up to seven metres. This makes them one of the oldest larches stands in Tyrol. The forest habitat and the development of the unique larches are explained to visitors in detail on display boards. When the centuries-old larch population turns golden yellow in autumn, it is most beautiful in the Zedlacher Paradies.

Starting point: Matrei-Zedlach parking lot Jösen

End point: Matrei-Zedlach parking lot Jösen

Difficulty: easy / Hiking trail

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Umbal waterfalls nature force trail

The NaturKraftWeg Umbalfälle in the rear Virgental presents the origin of a gigantic glacial stream and its landscape-shaping effect in an extraordinary way. Whether high above the gorge or very close to the water, display boards and viewing platforms make the unbelievable natural power of water directly perceptible. In 2014, the NaturKraftWeg Umbalfälle was awarded the Austrian seal of quality for hiking.

Starting point: Prägraten parking lot Ströden (toll)

End point: Umbalfälle

Difficulty: easy / Hiking trail

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Hike to Innergschlöss

A hike into the Innergschlöß offers an impressive view of the glacier world of the Venedigergruppe and the summit of the Großvenediger (3,667 m). You can see up close how the forces of the glaciers once formed the landscape. The walk from the Matreier Tauernhaus to the Venedigerhaus is easy along the Almweg, even with a pram.

Starting point: Matreier Tauernhaus

Endpoint: Venedigerhaus Innergschlöß

Difficulty: easy / Hiking trail

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Across the Edelweiß meadows to Steiner Almen

In addition to the beautiful view of Matrei and the Lasörling group, there are many colourful flowers and numerous insects to be seen. This hike allows you to admire beautiful edelweiss, larch forests, alpine meadows and dwarf shrubs.

Starting point: Parkplatz Glanz

End point: Hoanzeralm

Difficulty: easy / Hiking trail

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Glacier trail Innergschlöss / Schlatenkees

The glacier path Innergschlöss leads directly to the core zone of the Hohe Tauern National Park. One gets exciting insights into the landscape-shaping power of the glaciers in the Alps. Climate change can also be perceived at close quarters due to the retreat of glaciers.

Starting point: Venedigerhaus Innergschlöss

Endpoint: Schlatenkees

Difficulty: medium difficulty / Roter Bergweg

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Auenweg to Hinterbichl

The Auenweg offers a wonderful walk along the Isel to Hinterbichl. The Isel is the last free flowing glacier river in the Eastern Alps.

Starting point: TVB info office Prägraten

End point: Hinterbichl bus stop

Difficulty: easy / Hiking trail

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European panorama trail

The Europapanoramaweg offers a breathtaking panorama of over sixty 3000m peaks! This hiking trail, which can be reached by cable car, offers a grandiose family hike with indescribable views of the breathtaking mountain world.

Starting point: Matreier Goldried Bergbahnen

End point: Bergstation Blauspitz

Difficulty: easy / Hiking trail

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Muhs panorama trail

The Muhs Panorama Trail offers a wonderful view of the three thousand metre peaks of the Venice Group. If you want to see the Venedigergruppe from the south, you will find the ideal balcony with a double stopover in the high trail between the Berger-See-Hütte and the Lasnitzenalm in East Tyrol.

Starting point: Parkplatz Sägewerk

End point: Parkplatz Sägewerk

Difficulty: medium difficultly / Roter Bergweg

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Prägraten - Hohe Bank – Obermauern

On the old connecting path from Prägraten to Obermauern for a worthwhile visit to the pilgrimage church Maria Schnee. This church is considered one of the most beautiful sacral buildings in East Tyrol.

Starting point: TVB Infobüro Prägraten

End point: Obermauern Wallfahrtskirche „Maria Schnee“

Difficulty: easy / Hiking trail

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